TEGASA, founded in 1965 as a leading company in delivering professional animal nutrition.

Thanks to its policy of constant innovation, respect for the environment and compliance with current legislation, TEGASA is recognised in the animal nutrition market for the quality of its products, its professionalism in advising and providing nutritional services; and the commitment for establishing long-term relationships with its suppliers and clients.

The success of the company is determined by an excellent team that identifies with the company and believes in its future. Its team is constantly training and adapting themselves to the challenges of today’s dynamic market with the aim of offering the best and updated nutritional advise.

TEGASA, having worked since 1995 under the requirements of the ISO 9001, decided to go one step further and guarantee the Food Safety for all of its products. To do so, since 2014 TEGASA has implemented and certified, through the FAMI-QS standard, its Food Safety management system and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) code. These certifications respond to the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of the highest quality in both its products and its processes.

From a small, locally based company, TEGASA has expanded to achieve international recognition, responding to the different requirements and new applications of customers all around the world. Currently, TEGASA is present, directly or through its distributors, in several areas in Europe, North of Africa, South-east of Asia and the Middle East. Its aim is to continue its international development in the upcoming years.

Several national organisms have awarded TEGASA‘s internationalisation process with recognitions such as the “International Expansion Project” awarded by the COPCA in 2002 or the “Export promotion” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce in 2006.

Food Safety and Quality

  • TEGASA has implemented and maintains a Feed Safety Management System including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in compliance with the FAMI-QS standard. The aim of the FAMI-QS standard is to guarantee the safety, legal compliance and quality of animal feed, based on the European Regulation of Animal Feeding.
  • TEGASA applies strict quality standards in all of its processes. During the past years, the Food Safety Management System has been certified by BUREAU VERITAS in accordance with the demands and requirements of the FAMI-QS and ISO 22000:2005 standards, Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any organisation in the food chain. The scope of certifications include the manufacturing and commercialisation of premixes,  complete and complementary feeds and the commercialisation of feed additives for animal nutrition. Since 2020, TEGASA has only maintained the FAMI-QS certification as the highest quality standard in the sector.
  • Laboratory recognized by the Register of Agrifood Laboratories of Catalonia (Spain), with number 158. TEGASA constantly participates in several interlaboratory control programs within different scopes, therefore guaranteeing the reliability of the results.

Other certifications and awards

The constant effort to innovate and to be at the forefront of animal nutrition together with the commitment in the search of solutions that improve animal’s health and welfare, has led TEGASA to obtain several certifications and awards with relevance in the feed industry.

In the field of R&D, TEGASA develops projects in collaboration with public universities and private research centres. This has led to the award of the “Innovative SME” recognition by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish government.

With the aim of improving animal’s feeding programs, TEGASA has also been certified by the regional authorities as an ecological manufacturer of premixes.

The excellent management of the company at all levels has also received its recognition from two of the most relevant entities in Spain: El Economista, the world’s leading economic newspaper in Spanish; and Informa D&B, the leading company in commercial, financial, sectorial and marketing information.



Quality Policy

Within the scope of the Feed Quality and Safety System, TEGASA designs its processes to meet the needs of interested parties, comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable and in which TEGASA is certified and be sustainable with the environment.

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