Usual questions

What is a complementary starter feed?

A complementary starter feed is a product made of different raw materials in order to increase the hunger, digestibility – degradability, palatability, to stimulate the feed ingestion, etc… It’s a complementary product in the diet that is include in different proportions according to the type of animal and its productive state.

Within TEGASA’s range of products we could find this kind of products. They are a mixture of milky products, protein intake of high digestibility, aromas, sweeteners or other additives, within the effective legislation, that secure a better ingestion of prestarter and starter diets, improving  the productive rates of the animal.

What is a feed additive?

Nowadays the feeding additives are very important in the animal feeding programs, because they have been the Antibiotics and the Growth Promoters alternative

Thanks to our experience of more than 35 years in the sector of the animal nutrition and to our daily contact with all the alternatives in the market, TEGASA has selected the best Additives to improve the productions, fulfilling beneficial functions in feeds.

Available in different packaging (Liquid or Powder) they are used to conserve the raw materials and the feeds, improving the animals and productions sanitary state.

What is a premix?

Vitamins and Minerals play a vital role on the different phases of metabolism. Adding these components is essential to compensate the natural deficiencies of feeds.

Mixing microingredients is a highly specialized and complex activity. Qualified personnel in purchases, production and quality control is needed; exhaustive knowledge on nutrition is also a must.

Weighing and mixing equipment has to strictly accomplish the precision standards required to obtain the optimum and homogeneous mix. For this reason, the mayority of feed compounders, purchase their premixes/complementary feeds to specialized producers in this sector. TEGASA can offer optimally balanced nutritional supplements to add into any kind of complete feeds.

What is a starter feed?

Mixture of dairy and highly digestible protein products, probiotics, acidifiers, enzymes and palatability agents (flavours and sweeteners), to be mixed with the available raw materials in every country/area/farm and finally obtain high performing prestarter and starter diets.

Complete feed or complementary feed, is the feeding administered to the animal in its daily ration. Its composition depends on the needs of the animal, contributing to assure the optimal nutritional levels for a good health and the maximum productivity that can assume the genetics of the animal that consumes it, removing the greater physiological yield without disturbing the metabolism of the animal.

In the first ages, the solid ingestion leaves from a period of adaptation of the animal to a new diet. The animal is developping its digestive and enzymatic systems, together with the additional necessity of growth in this period and the diminution of the maternal immunity. In this stage the best assimilation makes sure later diets, as long as these are formulated suitably.

Using quality feeds during the first weeks of life, we obtain much higher results on animal performance (growth, nutritional and sanitary). Using creep feeds, permits adapting the animal to the solid feed and, subsequently, improving assimilation of the following feeds. Moreover, we can obtain a progressive growth and lower mortality.