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Tegasa, as a European feed additives supplier since 1965, provides high quality animal nutrition worldwide. Its presence outside Spain is mainly through distributors. Tegasa is looking for partners to expand its distribution network through relationships of trust and success.

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In the field of animal nutrition, Tegasa develops specific feed additives for each animal species. Its experienced technical team together with its own laboratory and the R&D team work in close collaboration to offer a wide portfolio of additives, improving both the animal’s health and livestock farm’s efficiency. Some of these additives are the following:

Additive Description
CALCIMIX Egg shell improver
TEGAPHOS Liquid supplement of calcium and phosphorous for broilers and layers
AVIATEG Mix of essential oils, plant extracts and acids to improve feed digestibility in broilers and layers
AMINOVIT Vitamin and amino acids complex for hepatic protection
TEGACID AV Powder and liquid acidifiers for broilers and layers. Growth promoter action

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Additive Description
VITAPIG Organic acids and essential oils to control fattening pigs and sow’s gut microbial flora
TEGACTIVE Organic acids and essential oils for piglet’s gut tract
TEGAPROT High quality vegetable protein concentrate
TEGACID Powder and liquid acidifiers for piglets, fattening pigs and sows. Growth promoter action
FERTICOMPLEX Supplementary vitamin and mineral premix for hyper-prolific sows

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Additive Description
AMIPLUS SFA Starch degradation control in the rumen
DRY MIX PCM Protein degradation control in the rumen
TEGAFERT Energy concentrate based on sugars for the peripartum period
TEGA-COX R Natural coccidiostat made of essential oils
TERMOPLUS COMPLET Plant extracts and mineral salts to prevent heat stress

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In addition to the specific feed additives, Tegasa has also developed certain additives that act directly upon the animal feed to prevent bacteria and toxin contamination. They can be used for every animal species. Some of these additives are the following:

Additive Description
TEGASAL P TEGASAL L Powder and liquid acidifiers which work as bactericide and anti-salmonella
TEGAMOLD P Powder acidifier which works as mould inhibitor
TEGA-TOX BX Toxin binder
TEGA-TOX Toxin binder with yeast walls and aluminosilicates
TEGA-TOX TP Toxin binder and hepatic protector with yeast walls and aluminosilicates

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