TEGASA dedicates a concerted effort to improve the bird-raising productions, with suitable Nutritional Programs to the own needs of each farm and to the market to that it goes destined, FEEDING ANIMAL to the LETTER.

Our long experience of more than 45 years in the sector of the bird-raising nutrition, guarantees the effectiveness and quality of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES. The poultry production is one of the fundamental pillars of the protein nutrition in the present world, by its quality and low cost with respect to the other protein sources of origin animal.


This market is for TEGASA a constant bet, developing products to improve the quality of the egg, to obtain the maximum advantage and to optimize the production.

For it, we have a large experience in Formulation, Quality control and follow-up of the productions to be able to analyze and to propose the improvements to be applied for each farm.

TEGASA has a complete range of vitaminic and micro minerals premixes, as well Additives for the continuous improvement of the productions, in any situation, for commercial egg consumption in fresh or destined to the industry.

Premix - Micro

Premix – Micro for layer and breeder hens

The premixes for layers of your need, with the best additives incorporated.


Additives for laying

From the kitchen to the plate, TEGASA wants to receive an egg full of freshness and exquisite taste. Thanks our large range of additives, this becomes a reality.

TEGASA, in the section of nutrition of birds destined to the meat production, owns a great experience, adapting the availabilities of the producers and the needs of the market, to optimize each production, looking for the best relation quality/price.

We develop Nutritional Programs for the feeding of birds of meat aptitude, with technical support of our specialized staff, specialist in nutrition, handling of facilities (in farms or in feed mills), also we get our own laboratory of analysis for the best Quality control of raw materials and finished products.

We offer technical solutions to the situations that appear designing and developing additives to optimize the poultry meat productions.

We maintain a continuous contact with suppliers of genetic lines, for the update of the needs.

Premix - Micro

Premix – Micro for growing broilers

Here you are the list of our micro-premixes for broilers feeding.


Additives for grower broilers

TEGASA, in constant colaboration with its I&D Dpmt, has created many additives for broilers, that also adds in its premixes.