• Service of physico-chemical and microbiological analysis, for finished product or raw materials.
  • Water analysis.
  • Advising in Plans of Quality control of our clients.
  • Programs of Bio-security and Control of cleaning of the feeds.
  • Advising and follow-up APPCC.
  • Homogeneity mixture controls.
  • Cross-contamination controls


TEGASA has known to integrate itself in new expectations of the market, for that reason started up from several years “a feeding à la carte”, focused mainly for the export. We know that the feed mils have always a predilection to use formulas that they work and we help them to find the maximum quality of the meat and the best yield of their business.

TEGASA offers a customized production, adjusting to the needs of the client, providing the maximum quality in our products like in the yield of these.

Thanks to our new factory, we can manufacture any formula, keeping some specific parameters to the clients, using some raw materials of first quality, to an interesting cost, thanks to the work of our department of purchases.

Technical support

TEGASA offers fundamental services to its customers, a direct contact to take care of their needs.

  • Communication on-line.
  • Advising in facilities and mangement of farms.
  • Service of diagnosis and nutritional technical support.
  • Formulation of feeder.
  • Analysis of viability and optimization of formula.
  • Clinical veterinary medicine and production.
  • Service of laboratory.


TEGASA fulfills the effective norm in the subjects of labelling, systems of trazabilidad and APPCC, production of feed.

Additives and premixes: Regulation (EC) nº 1831/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 22 of September 2003 on additives in the feeding animal.

Compound feeds: Regulation CE nº 767/2009 of the July 13, 2009, on the commercialisation and utilisation of the feed.


TEGASA has a highly professional team in animal production and nutrition animal.

  • Veterinaries
  • Nutritionists
  • Chemists
  • Advisers of production