Vilomix announces major growth plan for its premix business Tegasa and hires strong commercial team to be in driver’s seat for the strategy

Vilomix has earlier launched an ambitious growth strategy for its Spanish business Tegasa, with a vision to double turnover over the next five years becoming a leading player in the white meat segment for pigs and poultry in Spain while continuing to expand its good position in the cattle market. The strategy followed the 2021-acquisition of the majority shareholding in premix manufacturer Tegasa.

A strong commercial team is now being put into place to take Tegasa to the next level. As of March, 2023 Mario de las Heras has become new CEO for Tegasa. Mario comes with strong commercial experience from Trouw Nutrition to establish Tegasa as an important premix player in the white pig segment.

The existing Tegasa team is strong in the segments of Cattle, Poultry and Iberian pork, whereas the white pig segment will now be developed with full attention. To support growing this business, Josep Ribes is joining Tegasa as new Commercial Manager. Josep brings from Trouw Nutrition commercial sales experience.

Pablo Masiá and Marc Masiá will both continue as board members in Tegasa, and Marc Masiá will continue in his role as CFO and hereby serves an important role with his strong expertise and knowledge.

“Our new colleagues can look forward to an exhilarating ride, full of opportunities to influence the direction as we strengthen and expand our Spanish premix business”, says Vilomix CEO Peter Iversen.

Proven track record
Tegasa’s high-quality products and the feed management expertise of Vilomix are excellently matched. Vilomix CEO Peter Iversen is confident that Tegasa will play a leading role in supporting the pig industry in Spain with concepts, services and products that will meet some of the big challenges like zero medical zinc oxide, lower mortality, longevity among sows and feed effectivity in general, while maintaining pig health and performance. “Using our concepts for zinc-free feed, our customers experience that maintaining productivity is not impossible.”

Within the next weeks, Josep and Mario will be connected with you through your usual contact in Tegasa. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact them directly: